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A built environment bang: Igniting the data fuse on disclosure

By: Adam Beck, Co-Host | Digital Built Australia Podcast

Welcome to Season 3 of the DBA podcast.

In this first episode we tackle one of the most wicked of crises currently relevant to all disciplines, industries, cities and nations - climate change.

Joining us is Sarah Kinsela, Partner at Deloitte in Climate Change and Sustainability. But Sarah is not only well versed in the topic of climate, her experience in the built environment spans financial, digital and data transformation as well.

And as a somewhat finance and policy nerd, Sarah is ideally placed to unpack the imminent showdown between Australia's mandatory climate related financial disclosure requirements, and the built environment's ability and preparedness to access and report the necessary data.

Listen along to this episode if you are keen to learn more about the intersections of financial and climate disclosure, data maturity and the Digital Twin landscape. You can find this episode:

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