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Can we win on AI and the built environment?

By: Gavin Cotterill, Co-Host | Digital Built Australia Podcast

As much as it feels like AI overload right now - the articles, the webinars, the events - we wanted to check-in to see what the built environment has to say.

So we asked some friends who we consider to be close to the intersection of artificial intelligence and the built environment to join us for what we consider a 'baseline discussion'.

Both Claire Daniel (Scientia PhD Scholar UNSW) and Ollie Lock (AI Studio Director at Deloitte) had some very pragmatic things to say in our discussion that ranged from cautious excitement to prudent stewardship.

We covered everything from 'keeping up' to 'slowing down', frameworks for structured process and where the wins might be.

Listen along to this episode if you are keen to wrap your head around how we might steward thoughtful AI to support a high performing built environment. You can find this episode:

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