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Digital Twin first steps, the options

By: Gavin Cotteril, Co-Host | Digital Built Australia Podcast

Gavin heads back to New Zealand for this episode and sits down with Stacey Young (Chief Information Officer) and Brenda Pottinger (Data and Information Governance Manager) from Marlborough District Council.

Marlborough is located on the top end of the southern island of New Zealand, and is a place one would not immediately consider fertile ground for Digital Twin action.

With Blenheim as its main population centre (approx. 30,000), Marlborough is made up of many villages and towns, scattered throughout a predominantly agricultural landscape.

Gavin gets to the bottom of how and why Council embarked on their Digital Twin journey and analyses with Stacey and Brenda the lessons learned in getting started.

Listen along to this episode if you are keen to here some first hand lessons learned on starting out on your Digital Twin journey. You can find this episode:

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