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Digital Twin Live: Building big; digital dreams

By: Adam Beck, Co-Host | Digital Built Australia Podcast

In this episode of the DBA podcast we share the first session from the inaugural Digital Twin Live leadership summit, hosted by TEMPO Institute on 14 May 2024.

This first session was a one-on-one with Frankie Carroll, CEO of Suburban Rail Loop Authority in Victoria, Australia.

The discussion was titled 'Build Big; Digital Dreams' and saw DBA co-host Adam Beck walk through Fankie's career history asking questions and eliciting reactions to what is an impressive resume filled with investment banking, infrastructure planning and mega-project delivery roles.

Listen along to this episode if you are interested in the insights of an industry leader responsible for stewarding one of Australia's largest infrastructure mega-projects. You can find this episode:

DBA is powered by TEMPO Institute, an education platform to help drive a digital built environment.

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