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Future trends, Digital Twins and urban planners

By: Adam Beck, Co-Host | Digital Built Australia Podcast

For a number of years now the American Planning Association (APA) has been identifying the key trends relevant to the future of the planning profession, and the practice of planning. In January 2023 they published the 2023 Trend Report for Planners, and highlighted Digital Twin as one of the 100 trends relevant to planners.

In this episode Adam sits down with Petra Hurtado, APA's Director of Research and Foresight, to talk about the introduction of Digital Twins in the Trend Report and why it is in there. They discuss the future of the planning profession in light of Digital Twin advancements, the opportunities, the barriers and journey ahead.

Listen along to this episode if you are interested in Digital Twin, urban planning and shaping sustainable communities. You can find this episode:

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