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What's the Digital Twin Partnership?

By: Adam Beck, Co-Host | Digital Built Australia Podcast

In this episode of the DBA podcast I bring in my co-host Gavin Cotterill into the interview room to hear about the recent launch of the Digital Twin Partnership (DTP) - Why it formed, what's it's vision and how will it operate?

Gavin sits on the Leadership Team of the DTP and I asked him to unpack these questions for our listeners. I wanted to see how an organisation like this is fundamental to helping consolidate the emerging interest and bring the Digital Twin community together.

Listen along to this episode if you are keen to understand the fundamentals around the DTP. You can find this episode:

The DTP Leadership Team also recently prepared this debrief after their Brisbane launch, and cited "the early sell out indicated a craving for in-person Digital Twin events. We suspect that the DTP will be playing an even more critical role in 2023 to bring the Digital Twin community together.

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