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A pathway for Digital Twin leadership in Australia

By: Gavin Cotterill, Co-Host | Digital Built Australia Podcast

[Image credit: Standards Australia]

On 3rd April in Sydney, the Standards Australia Digital Twin White Paper was released.

This document lays out a series of critical recommendations for Australia’s future in the digital economy and how it can embrace the opportunity of ‘digital by default’ in delivering infrastructure and public services and protecting our climate and natural landscapes.

The recommendations were categorised in three areas.

On leadership and governance:

  • Identify an Australian Government Sponsor for Digital Twin

  • Establish a governance body and industry working group

  • Develop a National Digital Twin Strategy

On the enablers (standards, technology and capability):

  • Creating a standards-led environment for policy makers and practitioners

  • Enhancing the nation’s capability to advance Digital Twin opportunities

  • Investing in emerging Digital Twin technology

And the final recommendation to help bring things together:

"...a national Digital Twin pilot program to interrogate the benefits of Digital Twin and the enabling capabilities across human, business, and technology spheres.
A dedicated proof of concept project(s) will explore the potential benefits from developing standards-based Digital Twin models of the built and natural environment and will set out some of the challenges and security risks involved in doing so."

The paper was written in the context of Australia becoming a global leader in using Digital Twins as a platform for activating data and repairing our living infrastructure, shaping the built environment and delivering public services we rely on. And in particular, what role can standards play in helping advance this journey.

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