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Data and digital standards for the Australian built environment

By: Gavin Cotterill, Co-Host | Digital Built Australia Podcast

Standards Australia recently published an important report titled "Data and Digital Standards Landscape". It's what we now have as the nearest thing to a comprehensive catalogue of critical standards for a digital built environment in Australia.

Standards are voluntary documents that set out specifications, procedures and guidelines that aim to ensure products, services, and systems are safe, consistent, and reliable.

The report outlines the committee's currently in place advancing relevant data and digital standards across Australia, and audit of those which Australia has adopted (from the international library) and the framework by which Australia is adopting them.

Above all, this timely report contains a comprehensive list of close to 350 data and digital standards published, adopted and under development.

With the rapid emergence of new technologies, standards drive innovation and competitiveness in these fields in Australia while also helping ensure responsible and secure use of the technologies.
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